+ if you want to book the janosch moldau studio and it's services (sound-design, vocal recordings, mixing, remixing and mastering), please keep in mind to contact us in a very early state of your project and it's productional-release shedule.

+ due to the fact that janosch moldau is releasing music on a regular basis as an artist (incl. songwriting, music production, label work, album releases and worldwide touring) we need to know your plans very early in order to decide if we are able to work with you. also we only work on music that moves us deeply.

synthesizers + drum machines:

+ Moog little phatty stage edition analogue synthesizer

+ Macbeth studio systems, England, M3X analogue synthesizer 

+ Analogue Solutions, England, Vostok Matrixsynth

+ Korg MS-20  + Korg Legacy Collection/Controller

+ Braintec Transistorbass 3 

+ microKORG synthesizer/vocoder, analog modeling synthesizer

+ KORG micro X, HI-Synthesis/PCM

+ M-Audio Venom, Virtual Analog Synthesizer

+ Kurzweil micro piano

+ Roland JU-06

+ Roland JX-03

+ Mode Machines sid 

+ Dirty Electronics Mute Synth by Daniel Miller

+ teenage engineering pocket operator PO-14 sub + pro case CA-14

+ BOSS dr-rhythm DR-55

+ KORG volca beats

+ KORG volca keys


analogue filterbanks/filter:

+ Mode Machines F-106 juno filter

+ Sherman, Belgium, Filterbank 2

+ Mutronics Limited, England, Mutator



+ AKAI S3000 XL + zip drive

+ AKAI S3200 XL + CD drive + zip drive


mobile stage mixers:

+ 2x ALESIS multimix 6FX


guitars + amps + fx:

+ Blueridge br-60 acoustic

+ Gretsch G5126 electromatic, silver sparkle

+ Gretsch G5420T electromatic, green

+ Gibson les paul, standard black

+ Danelectro Nifty Fifty amp

+ Orange, England, Micro Terror amplifier head

+ Orange, England, Micro Crush amp

+ Danelectro, Hodad amp

+ electro-harmonix, holy grail reverb

+ t.rex engineering michael angelo batio distortion

+ EHX, nano freeze sound retainer

+ electro-harmonix, BIG MUFF, russian edition

+ KORG Pitchblack PB-01 chromatic tuner, KORG GT-3 guitar tuner

+ Zoom Multi Stomp MS-70 CDR

+ BOSS chorus ensemble CE-1


recording + mixing:

+ MacBook Pro, Logic Pro + external harddisks

+ Motu 828 mk II, Motu UltraLite, mobile


+ 2X Shure SM-58

+ 1X Shure BETA 58A

+ beyerdynamic, germany,  DT 100 studio headphones

+ BOSS SE-50

+ Lexicon MPX 1

+ Focusrite ISA One + Digital Output Board

+ Adam P11 Active Studio Monitors, Roland/Edirol MA-20D Active Studio Monitors

+ Grundig GSB 500 Monitor, audio pro ADDON T3

+ SPL Monitor + Talkback Controller Model 2381


additional plug ins - AU software:

+ Native Instruments KOMPLETE elements MK2

+ Output EXHALE


mastering analog + digital:

+ Neve 33609/J DISCRETE precision stereo limiter/compressor

+ TL Audio EQ-1 dual valve equaliser / valve classics limited edition

+ Urei Model 546 dual parametric equaliser

+ TEAC CD-P650, phase meter (selfmade)

+ Focusrite MixMaster + Digital Output

+ Thermionic Culture Ltd., England The Culture Vulture

+ Waves Masters Bundle + DeEsser, Apple WaveBurner

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